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5SOS ‘chilling.’

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i love it when people are like “don’t you think liking boy bands is a little childish” i mean i want to bang them so probably not

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If I dated the boys, I would come to every concert in their merch: shirts, necklace, wrist bands, undies, key chain, while holding a homemade poster

I would make it awkward by singing their songs in their faces EVERY DAY

I would keep my tumblr and ship fans with them

I would walk around drinking out of my home made mug with a fetus picture on it

I would embarrass the hell out of them

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“Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?”

Daughter by Janice Lee

I think about this quote a lot.   (via melisica)

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I don’t have nightmares about murderers. I have nightmares about thirteen-year-olds. They terrify me!

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Introducing new boyband: The Wanted

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